Expecting the Unexpected

IMG_0499I spent yesterday making my way to Los Angeles – and it turned into a long day as there were many changes to my schedule. I got to the Buffalo airport early, very ready to take on the day, but my first flight to Dulles Airport started off delayed and only got worse from there. What began with 15 minutes delay due to too much air traffic in DC, turned into a few hours. We were boarded then deplaned – which is never a good sign. As soon as we got off the plane I was lucky to be at the front of the counter line before other people started trying to change flights and connections. I got rerouted through Chicago, which worked out well – and the first class upgrade didn’t hurt 😉

Something I love about traveling and airports are the characters you meet along the way. Fight Club named them “single serving friends,” but I’ve met enough people on airplanes that I’ve stayed in contact with to feel they are not always just single serving. But yesterday I sat next to very similar types of people on both flights. The first flight was this man who promptly pulled out wipes and hand sanitizer to clean off his entire seat and tray table before sitting down and then gave my wipes to do the same to mine when he noticed me watching him. He didn’t speak to me the rest of the flight. The next flight I sat next to a young couple who also were very obsessed with hand sanitizer and organizing their stuff throughout the flight. I’m not judging -obviously it’s good to keep the area clean because you never knew who sat there before you, it was just fun to watch and see the similarities. I always carry hand sanitizer on my trips just in case because you also never know where you’ll end up as you make your journey.

When I made it to Los Angeles, it was pretty late at night so landing was beautiful – I could see lights for miles and miles. LAX has these lighted tower displays that are always wonderful to see from the plane or as you drive by the airport, I know I’m home when I see those. But after landing, I got a text that’s not the kind of text you want to receive when you take your phone off airplane mode – my luggage didn’t make it. I always plan for this because it’s happened enough times where I got stuck somewhere without anything because my checked luggage didn’t arrive with my plane. This ended up making some things easier for me in a way so it all worked out, my bags were delivered this morning.

Despite some bumps in the road, I made it and I’m so happy to be here! It’s sunny and warm and just absolutely lovely outside. Time to go explore and have fun 🙂

It’s always nice to go from this:


To this:


City of Angels

Today starts my next big adventure – I’m getting ready,  doing some last minute packing. I’m heading to one of my favorite cities in the world, Los Angeles! I love the energy, the people, the landscapes, the lights, and the freedom that comes with being there. I always feel like a new person the second I arrive there. It’s definitely my second home in the world. There’s always so much to see and enjoy, and I’m crazy about the beach. I have a ton of family and friends to visit when I head out that way, and this weekend I’ll be staying with my grandparents. I was out there in early December, so it hasn’t been too long since my last visit, but I still miss everyone a lot. Sometimes it’s hard having family spread out around the world, but I’m grateful I’ve stayed close to them regardless of distance.


I’m so excited to head back and see everyone! Time to go home..


Hi! I’m so excited to finally be starting this blog – it’s been on my mind for too long. Because 2015 basically just started, I figured it was the right time to get writing. I’ve already gone on one trip abroad since the New Year, which I’ll write about soon. I try not to stay in one place too long, so I’m currently packing and getting ready for another huge adventure. In two days, I’ll be heading to California, and then after the weekend I’m going across the world to Cambodia! This will be my first time to Southeast Asia and I couldn’t be more excited. So get ready because many trips are to come and I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with you 🙂