City of Angels

Today starts my next big adventure – I’m getting ready,  doing some last minute packing. I’m heading to one of my favorite cities in the world, Los Angeles! I love the energy, the people, the landscapes, the lights, and the freedom that comes with being there. I always feel like a new person the second I arrive there. It’s definitely my second home in the world. There’s always so much to see and enjoy, and I’m crazy about the beach. I have a ton of family and friends to visit when I head out that way, and this weekend I’ll be staying with my grandparents. I was out there in early December, so it hasn’t been too long since my last visit, but I still miss everyone a lot. Sometimes it’s hard having family spread out around the world, but I’m grateful I’ve stayed close to them regardless of distance.


I’m so excited to head back and see everyone! Time to go home..

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