Rabbit Island

We woke up early and met our tuktuk driver to go to the harbor. We walked down a dock to where a bunch of green boats waited to take people to Rabbit Island – about a half hour away from the mainland. Our boat was full of these little shrimp crawly things.


It felt so good to have the wind blowing on us and early sun shining as we sailed. I really love being on boats and wish I knew more about them and could have such experiences more often.


We arrived at Rabbit Island and jumped off our boat into the warm sand – so exciting! There were already tourists, but not too many because the island isn’t that big of a place. We walked to the end of the restaurants to find the owner of the set of bungalows where she had stayed last time she visited and reserve one. He informed us he didn’t have any available and we were extremely disappointed because we wanted to stay over night, but then he spotted a young French couple who were actually leaving in a few hours! We got our bungalow after all!

Small, but perfect for sharing – especially considering Emily and I used to live together.


The island is paradise on Earth. So beautiful with palm trees, hammocks, sunshine, light waves. We couldn’t wait to take a hike around the entire island. Emily told me how many changes had been made to the island in just a few months. The first portion of our walk included going by construction sites where they tore down the foliage and large trees, burned in, and cleared land most likely to build more tourist-related things. It’s sad because people visit the island for the beauty and closeness to nature, but as more tourists come, more space needs to be made, which takes away from the reason people come in the first place.



After we got past the construction, we had almost two full hours of nature until we got back to where we started. There were incredible beaches and a few local people’s homes spread out occasionally. The hike wasn’t particularly easy as we got cut up from branches and rocks. At one point the tide was too high to walk the path, forcing us to walk in the water barefoot over sharp rocks while trying to keep our clothes dry.


Once we got back to the main part of the island, we enjoyed a big lunch of noodles and spent a few hours lying on the beach and cooling off in the warm water. New boats kept bringing more people, but it never felt crowded. We had a few friends though:

This guy was the size of a quarter!P1000568

And this dude was almost a foot in diameter!P1000509

We found hammocks next to each other and watched the sunset – extremely relaxing and beautiful. I mean look at this!!


The night was super cool because we walked to the end of a small dock and looked for glowing algae in the water – one of the most unique aspects of this island. We sat on the dock, waiting and waiting and kept thinking we saw lights in the water but weren’t entirely sure. As it got darker though, all of a sudden there was no denying the glowing. Emily jumped in the water and algae glowed all around her, some looked like little fireflies, others bright blue projections – absolutely incredible! I’ve travelled a lot, but I’ve never seen anything like it before. We couldn’t stop watching the mesmerizing water for the longest time. Eventually we had a late dinner on the beach and stayed up talking for hours. The whole island experience was amazingly relaxing and enjoyable.

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