An Afternoon in Malibu, An Evening in Westwood

On our second day in Los Angeles, we started off the morning by ordering a cake from a small bakery called Emil’s for my grandmothers birthday party. The bakery tempted me with plenty of sweets that were hard to resist.


Then we took a drive to Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway – a beautiful way to see the incredible scenery the area has to offer. It felt good to be that close to the ocean again, even if traffic sucked. We drove to Pepperdine University to pick up an old friend from Buffalo and drove to this wonderful restaurant called Geoffrey’s. I love to go there because you can enjoy amazing food and sit right on the edge of a mountain and view the ocean – how can you go wrong with that? They have awesome seafood selections if you’re into that:

IMG_1358_2 IMG_1359

And I just happened to have the best hot chocolate too!


Views from Malibu can look this good:


If you’re lucky while sitting at the restaurant, you can see whales in the ocean, although it’s not every day or anything. On the other hand, pelicans fly by regularly and are beautiful! With a relaxing environment, we were able to take our time and catch up. It’s really the kind of place you could spend all day and not even think twice about it.


We dropped off our friend back at Pepperdine and drove through the campus. The university is spread out through a section of mountain, and the campus is really pretty. I went to a university with very little focus on natural environment – you can count the number of trees there and it was very square and structured – so seeing a university blending into the mountains with flowers and trees everywhere made me happy! The drive back to the hotel was nice with a mix of the PCH and Sunset Boulevard. Once back there, I promptly fell asleep – oops!

I woke up in time to get ready for dinner with my family. Food is always an important part of traveling, especially when in big cities that have more options and usually better quality meals available. That night we had dinner at a friend of mine’s restaurant, La Bruschetta, and of course it was excellent. I’m nuts about Italian food – a pasta addict, so it’s always one of my favorite places to go when  I visit. It was so nice to spend some time with my uncle and grandparents and simultaneously catch up with the everyone at the restaurant.

We weren’t able to stay out too late because the next day was going to be a busy one with my grandma’s birthday celebration. I got to bed relatively early, but was woken up multiple times by a woman in the room next door screaming on the phone at all hours of the night. I’m not the heaviest sleeper so it was frustrating, but the next day I switched rooms to a much quieter area of the hotel and ended up with a way nicer room (balcony with a view included)! Sometimes things work out even better than you could have planned.

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