The 91st Birthday Party

The next day I spent in California was my grandma’s 91st birthday – the whole reason we were visiting. We started off the day by eating breakfast at a lovely bakery called Emil’s and picked up the cake we had ordered. We spent some time with my grandparents and celebrated a little before heading to the Bel Air Bar and Grill where the party took place. The restaurant is great for a smaller event because they have an upstairs section that overlooks the nearby mountains and freeway, but has enough soundproofing to prevent noise pollution from the traffic.


The event wasn’t just for the birthday, but also to celebrate my grandma’s sister who just published a memoir about her experiences and survival during the Holocaust.


About 20 guests came for the event so both my grandma and great-aunt were thrilled to see family and old friends. My grandma used to throw lavish events and is known for her parties. Because that generation is getting older, it’s always special to have everyone together since that won’t always be an option.



The food at the party was perfect with a four-course meal. We started with hors d’oeuvres of mini crab cakes and vegetable spring rolls that were so delicious. Then they sat everyone down and brought out either yummy pear salads or tortilla soup. IMG_1364

People had a choice of the main meal with chicken, filet mignon, pasta, or salmon. Then dessert was either sorbet or a warm brownie with ice cream. Have I made you hungry yet? Because don’t forget there was also the beautiful cake from Emil’s! Overall it was a wonderful lunch party and so much fun.



I know some may find this hard to believe, but even after such a huge meal, we still had to get dinner later that night. We found this small Japanese restaurant on San Vicente called Takao. It definitely hit the spot and the people running the place were super nice. After dinner with my parents, we spent the evening with my grandparents and talked about the party and how happy my grandma was about her birthday.

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