A New Experience

I often feel like Los Angeles is my second home because I’ve always gone so often and know enough people there to give me such a special connection to the city. I think it’s necessary to try new things and sometimes break that comfort barrier whether you are home or not. The third day of my visit became extra cool because I did something I’ve definitely never done before.

My good friend Rob surprised me by taking us to a local shooting range and informed me that I was going to learn to shoot a gun!


I am a real suburban girl with zero experience in this department. Embarrassing as it is, I hadn’t seen a gun in person besides on an officer or solider until about two years ago when traveling in Dallas. I had never really expected to do be near a gun before so I was very excited and nervous. I learned enough safety information to feel somewhat confident that even I couldn’t mess this up, but when I had the gun in my hand, I kind of freaked out a little.


But I did it! And as it turns out, it’s amazing fun! I ended up having a complete blast (pun intended) and I am so happy I got to have that kind of experience and try something new, even if Rob kind of had to drag me out there. I certainly found out what I’m made of and it felt good.


It’s always awesome to go out of your comfort zone, especially when traveling, but it’s also important to be safe about whatever it is you want to do. I would have never done this without someone who knows what they’re doing and could teach me properly, and also someone I trust.

Who knows, maybe I’ve found a new hobby 😉

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