Excited – Planning New Trips!

I am so excited to be planning the next few months out because some amazing adventures are going to happen!

The rest of April is full of excitement! I’m going to Rochester this weekend, Chicago next week with my best friend, doing some travel for work in Canada in two weeks. I miss being on the road and getting on a plane and I’ve only been home a few weeks. Travel is just so important to me. Taking a few small trips like this between the big ones feels so good because traveling to far parts of the world just isn’t always an option!

What I’m completely looking forward to is this Summer because the traveling is going to be wonderfully insane. I have three separate European adventures all blended into one so I’ll be on that side of the world 5-6 weeks exploring from Sweden to Switzerland to Austria to Croatia. I’m going to be seeing so many new cities and countries – I just know it’s going to be incredible! The planning process is so much fun and just gives me a kind of high. Checking prices, looking up hotels, finding train routes and plane tickets, looking for a new backpack, picking dates to go – I just can’t wait! Expedia and Kayak are lifesavers in finding cheap and the right kinds of hotels or flights and they make it so easy.

It’s finally starting to warm up here in Buffalo, which means I’ll be going on some adventures around here as well. I love to go new places and feel like I’m on a trip even when I’m home because it can be so much fun and it’s important to explore your own city.

So get ready to read a lot the next few weeks!

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