Frozen Falls

After getting back from Los Angeles, the weather in Buffalo just sucked. It was still freezing, snowing, hailing, and just felt like it was never going to warm up. It’s hard to stay motivated and want to be outside and really do anything when the cold winter drags on so endlessly.

So my parents and I decided we needed to do something fun outside and see something beautiful. We took a short trip up to the border of the US and Canada to visit Niagara Falls!


How lucky are we to have such a world wonder only half an hour away. I think it’s worth looking at the Falls from both sides of the border because each side has something to offer and is a little different. The Canadian side is full of tourist attractions and fun things to do and see and the American side has a lot of natural environment areas to walk around and enjoy the scenery.


What’s really amazing about having terribly cold winters is that the Falls can actually freeze!


Even though is was super cold outside, it’s completely worth it! It’s just so beautiful and amazing to think about how such powerful, fast moving water can be put to a stop like that.


Every time I visit the Falls, I can’t help but imagine how wild it must have been for the first people to stumble upon such a huge waterfall, so unexpected in this kind of environment.

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