The Windy City

Last week I finally left Chicago O’Hare for the first time and got to see the amazing city! Chicago is huge and full of so many interesting places to visit as it is the 3rd largest city in America. From the second we got off the plane it was so exciting. We got out luggage and made our way to the Blue Line train to head into the city. The train was full of tourists and locals and the energy made us pumped for the adventures to come. We got off at Clark/Lake and walked to my friend’s apartment where we would be staying. It was warm and beautiful, so walking around and viewing everything was perfect. We couldn’t wait to get going and see what the city had to offer.


Just look how beautiful this is!


We spent a huge portion of our first day at the Art Institute of Chicago, a world famous museum. Because I paint and create art, I love to look at other people’s art and see famous works from around the world. The exhibits in this museum were so incredible and to actually see a work by Picasso or Matisse just blew my mind.

IMG_1572  IMG_1564

The work we were privileged enough to see was so inspiring. From Impressionism to Contemporary art, sculptures to photographs, oil to watercolor – the museum had it all. Standing in front of some of the greatest works in the world is definitely a humbling experience.


When we left the museum, we took a walk over to Millennium Park to see the famous Chicago bean, which is actually called Cloud Gate. It was built in 2006 by Anish Kapoor.



I was definitely overwhelmed and shocked by the size when I was next to the massive sculpture. It was so cool to see the reflections of the city in the flawless stainless steel and watch all the tourists and visitors play around to get the best photos.


It’s just such a stunning area:IMG_1608


After spending time in the park, we walked along Michigan Avenue for some shopping and to see more sites. We looked at the Chicago Tribune building.IMG_1624

And nearby found the giant football helmets in honor of the upcoming NFL draft that will be held in Chicago for the first time since 1964. It was fun to find the Buffalo Bills’ helmet and take goofy photos.


We kept walking along Michigan Avenue and made a stop at the giant Apple Store. Because my friend Rachel works at the store in Buffalo, the employees at this location gave us a full tour of the store and let us see all the behind the scenes action. It was definitely a cool experience! We did some shopping at other stores and had a fun walk back to the apartment, stopping at a delicious Thai restaurant for dinner. With over 10 miles of walking that day plus the brief travel getting to the city that morning, we were so tired! We went back to the apartment and met up with a couple friends of mine and crashed early.

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