On Top Of The World

We started the day by grabbing breakfast at a diner called Yolk and indulged in some deliciousness because we had a long day and a lot of walking ahead of us. The weather was perfect – sunny, warm, light breeze. We walked to Michigan Avenue and made our way to 360 Chicago, which used to be known as the John Hancock Observatory. We took the elevator up 1,000 feet above ground level – more than 90s stories high. From here, the view of Lake Michigan is amazing and you can walk around and view the city from every direction.


The views of the city from that high up are breath taking:


We decided to be brave and try the new TILT on top of this building. You stand against the glass window, hold onto handles , and the window shifts forward 30 degrees so you are angled looking down at the city below. It was so exciting, even if a little scary!


When you’re walking on the sidewalk, it’s easy to appreciate the skyline and how huge the city is, but when you’re looking at it all from above, it’s just incredible to see so much.


After we took the elevator ride down, we decided that the observatory was merely a warmup and that we should keep going and visit the Skydeck at the Willis Tower. We walked a long way over, enjoying the sunshine and city excitement. The Skydeck is 1353 feet or 412 meters up or 103 floors. The minute long elevator ride has a video presentation showing how high you’re going by displaying what other famous buildings in the world you are passing in height with each increasing distance – such as the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building. Once we made it up, the views were just awesome.


So we walked over to the section where you can stand on surrounded by glass, even under your feet and look out at the city below.


The thrill was totally there and it was wild to have that kind of experience!

Once we made it down, we visited more of the city. We went out for coffee, walked to a nice lunch place at Millennium Park, and visited the Apple Store one last time so Rachel could try on the new Edition Watch.


Then we made our way back to the apartment to get ready for a night out with a very special friend – the one who was letting us stay in his place. We had a blast going out to dinner and for drinks. It was a fun and exciting way to spend our last night in the big city!

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