Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Memorial Day weekend as I did! It’s such an important reminder to think of all those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much for this country and take the time to appreciate them for everything this have done and continue to do. It’s also a time to be proud of America and how far we have come as a country. I have many friends who have been/are in the military and who have lost friends through war and seeing how difficult the weekend was for them, but also the pride they held for their dedication and service, was all very moving.

I had such a crazy four-day weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. On Friday, I was lucky enough to witness teens from my youth group get officially confirmed in the faith. I was so proud of all of them!


On Saturday the weather was finally nice after a few cold and stormy weeks. I got to walk around the village here, which is small town cute mixed into a bigger city. It was great seeing so many people outside enjoying the day. I went to a farmer’s market and walked through Glen Park, which has beautiful waterfalls. There were tons of ducks with all of their babies lying around so it was wonderful to look at them all and watch them learn to dive into the water for food. The evening was divided between babysitting and playing outside and going to a friend’s party and having fun with everyone.


And of course there was ice cream involved:

IMG_2163 IMG_2175

Sunday was another beautiful day in Buffalo. The weather was wonderful – so what better way to enjoy the day than spending it outside? I took a canoe ride around Ellicott Creek near the Tonawanda River for a few hours. It felt so good to be in the sun and work on my tan while being active outdoors, I loved every second of it! I ran home after to get dressed up real quick for a fantastic dinner party outside. I love spending time with good friends and family, eating delicious food and enjoying each other’s company. Everything was so great it felt like I was on vacation.



Monday was Memorial Day! I got to watch a parade from a rooftop and wave at veterans and local firefighters/police officers. I enjoyed seeing everything from above like that and being part of it but not down below with huge crowds at the same time.


After the parade, I made it to my parents’ house for a big cookout party by the pool!


I loved seeing everyone and eating so much amazing food. It was delicious!



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