Los Angeles

I had such a fantastic trip to my favorite city (as usual)! It was amazing to see all my family and friends out there and spend some time with everyone. There weren’t any special occasions this time, but we always find reasons to get together and enjoy each other’s company. The trip over was rough for me. We got upgraded to first class on the first flight and were mostly on time the rest of the way, which was great, but because of my accident a few days before, I was not feeling my best. By the time we arrived close to midnight local time, I was ready for medicine and a comfy bed! The trip was a good way to force myself to take it easy and get myself together, I needed the rest so badly. On our first day, I got to have lunch with some relatives at the Bel Air Bar and Grill, a really nice restaurant right on Sepulveda. IMG_0213 I think it’s extremely important to spend time with the older family members because they won’t be around forever. IMG_0210

After lunch we drove to Palos Verdes to meet my dad’s cousins. We went to Terranea Resort and had a delicious meal with tons of seafood and I love my seafood! IMG_0228

The scenery there was absolutely incredible. IMG_2325IMG_0229

And perfect for some selfies!


And I was lucky enough to see my favorite animal in the water!

IMG_0231 IMG_2347

It was a perfect way to spend a day relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather.

Leaving Tomorrow!

I’m so excited to be leaving for California tomorrow! I haven’t been on a plane since April and I feel it. I miss the excitement of being in an airport and the thrill of getting on a plane. And I’ve been dreaming about that California coast, the people, the energy, and the more consistent weather. It’ll be great to be with my family again and see so many friends.

Unfortunately it’s going to be a harder trip over there than normal for me because I’m in rough shape after an accident this weekend. But I know the drill and I’ve stocked up on ibuprofen and icy-hot patches, so hopefully I’ll get there without too many issues. Let’s all hope for no delays to make the process any longer than needed!

Can’t wait to see everyone in Los Angeles soon!!