My Little Town In Sweden

So as I’ve mentioned before, my mom was born in Sweden, came to America as a student when she was about my age (still blows my mind). All of her family still lives in this part of the world. Her parents had bought this really traditional old summer house in this small beach/fishing town in the 1950s. Indoor plumbing and heat didn’t come until way later.

Here’s my mom as a kid in front of the house:

Untitled-83 Untitled-146

Here’s my whole family in front of the house (I’m the little bald one):big family

Now my mom owns it and it’s become our family’s summer home to go to every year. It’s definitely another home to me, and look, we used to even bring our dog Lily here!


We’ve spent the last few summers working to change the place and make it our own and fix it up (which it sure needed!) and this year is no exception.

I’ve been spackeling the walls of my bedroom so I’ll be able to paint soon!

IMG_3268 (1)

The town is real small and not well known, but it has some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery I’ve ever seen:

IMG_3094  IMG_3081 IMG_3213_2 IMG_3209_3IMG_3112

Let’s face it, movies can’t make sunsets that good.

Being here is simple, something I need and look forward to because I can always use a good escape from the chaos and craziness that is life. We bike everywhere for transportation, we hang dry our clothes (we didn’t get a laundry machine until a few years ago), no tv exists in the house, and we really just spend our time with each other.

Here’s how I carried home the groceries this morning:IMG_3265

It’s been a great visit so far! More to come 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Little Town In Sweden”

  1. Your little house in Sweden is amazing to think about and how your mom traveled all the way to America … You also being a little handy women working on your room and re painting it … It’s nice seeing another side of you.


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