Swedish Food

For many people, the food is one of the best reasons to travel. I always love to try new foods that I maybe wouldn’t if I were home in my usual routine and comfort zone. Craziest thing I’ve ever eaten abroad was kangaroo sausage and ostrich sausage (not as nuts as my dad who tried monkey!) but I wouldn’t say I’m extremely adventurous – no spiders for me please!


I always think it’s worthwhile to check out grocery stores in other countries because you get a better feel for the place, find new things you probably wouldn’t get at home, and you get to see how people interact differently in other places. The grocery stores here are similar to in America except definitely smaller and with fewer options. I’m used to Wegmans in Buffalo, which is like the Beverly Hills of food shopping, but it’s also cool to have fewer choices and try something out of the norm.


So what do people eat in Sweden? Meatballs of course – can we be more stereotypical?


But what people here love the most is fish! Herring, eel, salmon – you name it, they probably have it

IMG_3005_2IMG_3055 IMG_3053IMG_2976

The shrimp here are totally different than the giant ones we’re used to in America, they’re small, juicy, and definitely have a different taste and texture even.IMG_3030

Of course they have great cheeses, this is Europe after all:


We all know that’s I’m crazy for desserts, and the ice cream in Sweden is one of my favorite parts of coming here. They have flavors I have yet to find in America like pear, and the ingredients are slightly varied enough to make it special compared to what we may get at home.


But what’s really wonderful is the breakfast:


Not exactly pancakes and bacon, but I’m not complaining!

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