Beautiful Beach

Everyone who knows anything about me knows I’m a total beach bum. I love the sand, the water, the wind in your face, the sun shining – palm trees if they’re around. I could lie by the ocean all day every day and never question it. So often when I travel, I seek places with cool beaches – sometimes in unique places – but regardless of where I go, every beach is a little different and usually has something awesome to offer. So I’ve been to beaches in places like Australia, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Israel, Ghana, South Africa, Italy… all were beautiful, warm, and completely amazing to visit and I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have been there, but the beach here in Sweden holds a special place in my heart. Maybe because it was the first beach I remember being at (I first went when I was 9 months old and continued every summer most of my life). Or maybe because it’s incredibly private and has the whitest sand I’ve ever seen in person and lovely scenery all around.

When I look out the back window of the house and see this, I know it’s a beach day:


Those perfect blue skies mean time to go!

Today I went with my mom the second the clouds cleared. The weather here can be very unpredictable. Some days it’s raining and freezing, the next is pure sunshine and hot – sometimes within the same hour! (Buffalo people will understand this).

It’s not easy to take selfies while biking!


To get to the beach, you have to bike through the pretty woods on a dirt path up and down hills until you arrive at a big sand dune and many tiny tiny houses. These aren’t actually houses. On the beaches here, people can own these mini houses that are perfect for changing areas or storing beach supplies like chairs and towels. People can no longer build new ones, so it’s special to have one.

Here’s ours:


So next to our little beach house it looks like this, with a few different paths to take to the main part of the beach.IMG_3215

So we walk over and the view is amazing!


This part of the beach isn’t as easy to get to because of the woods and also no real parking or car access nearby, which means it’s often practically empty like today!

Version 2

I love to be here and spend the day relaxing



Life really can’t get much better than this – enjoying somewhere with breathtaking views with people you care about!

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