My Last Day In Sweden

Today is a bittersweet day because, although I am sad to be leaving my home in Sweden, I am also so excited to start some more adventures with the next part of my Europe trip! Tomorrow I’ll be flying from Copenhagen, Denmark to Hanover, Germany to meet my cousin who lives in a small town an hour outside of the city. I’m really looking forward to seeing my German relatives that I haven’t seen since a year ago and to spend time with my cousin – we’ve been talking about traveling together since last summer and planning the details of this trip since this past winter.


I’ve had such a wonderful visit in Sweden!


I’ve enjoyed the food – from yummy breakfasts


To crazy appetizers


To giant shrimps

IMG_3450 (1)

To extremely filling dinnersIMG_3406 (1)

And of course I can’t forget those perfect desserts!IMG_3407 (1)

I’ve also enjoyed going food shopping:


Think they have enough cheese?

IMG_3461 (1)

And it’s been wonderful to explore the beautiful cities and see the unique architecture:

IMG_3297_2 IMG_3282_2 IMG_3248_2 IMG_3249_2 IMG_3255_2

I’ve even seen some wildlife!


But it’s always hard to say goodbye to this placeDSCN0646

But the time has come for me to ramble on and packing for this kind of trip is always harder than you expect, even if you travel as often as I do.


There are so many things to remember to bring and with backpacking you have to be smart because every additional item in your bag is extra weight on your back. I’m feeling ready and excited! Tomorrow starts something new, and I’m always looking forward to what’s to come!

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