Flying To Germany

I’m currently sitting in the Copenhagen airport waiting to board my flight to Germany! It finally feels real that this trip is coming true and I can’t wait to get on the plane and get started!

I had a good final morning in Sweden with all those important conversations and goodbyes before leaving.


When people ask if it’s hard to travel in other countries where they don’t speak English and how to handle those situations, I always think about what my dad says. He explains that first of all now in many places people do speak English, even unexpected ones. When he was young and would travel to places where few tourists had been and little English was known, if any – he always says that when you travel you figure it out. For example if you walk into a hotel, the people working there know why you’re there (to get a room, not buy furniture) so you use hand symbols, write down numbers, speak words you each know and you make it happen. I like that because at so true. Traveling teaches you how to communicate in other ways and that’s something I love about it.

I’ll write more once I make it to Germany!!

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