Waking Up In Croatia

I was so excited when I woke up and realized where I was. I made sure to get up early around 7 in the morning so I could grab some good spots by the hotel’s pool because I knew it would get crowded early on with the 100+ degree weather. We enjoyed a great breakfast on a balcony overlooking the pool and ocean – so beautiful! The food was excellent and we had the best chocolate croissants of all time.

P1020220 P1020221

We headed back to our room so we could get ready to spend the day in the ocean and by the pool (something we had been looking forward to the whole trip). It was so hot outside it was hard to breathe, the air felt so thick. We don’t get weather like that in Buffalo. We had to go in and out of the water all the time to handle being out there – not that either of us were complaining!



I can’t tell you how good it felt to swim in that crystal clear water and walk along the smooth rocks that line the sea. Even better, it wasn’t crowded and we felt very safe in the water. This may come as a surprise considering how much I travel and some of the crazy things I’ve done in my life, but I’m a little scared of swimming in open water and don’t actually do it very often. But this I couldn’t resist and it was so warm, yet totally refreshing.


The pool’s salt water felt so good to swim in. We did water aerobics with a group and had a lot of fun!



It was a blast of a day and we were able to eat lunch outside too!


But a long morning in that heat and sun was more than enough for me and by the early afternoon I definitely needed to take a break and rest inside a little. I enjoyed just being able to lie down and not have to run somewhere or sit on a train. I was able to talk some with family and friends from back home. It’s amazing how much you can stay in contact with people now. I remember as a kid when we would visit family in Sweden for the entire summer without cell phones and only dial up internet that one of us could use at a time. Things have definitely changed and improved with staying connected to those across the world!


So we got dressed up and went out for an early dinner. We ate seafood right next to the ocean. It was delicious and we had the best views!

IMG_4126P1020248 P1020247

They cooked the food in this little open kitchen right in front of us:


When our bill was brought out, we were also given two shots. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely ever drink anything alcoholic, it’s just not my thing. We hadn’t had any drinks the whole trip and we both felt like we didn’t want to be rude by not taking what was given to us – so we each took a shot. So we left and started walking along the beautiful water and watched the sun set.


But all of a sudden the shot hit me. It hit me really hard. Because I don’t often drink, it’s not uncommon for one drink to affect me, but this was a lot more than that. And when I looked over at my cousin, I realized it wasn’t just me feeling it. She was breathing hard and holding her stomach as she walked. I asked if she was okay, she said no, and I said me neither. We both needed to sit down and suddenly I couldn’t see straight and felt really dizzy and ill. Katharina thought maybe it was food poisoning, but I was sure it was the shots. I began to worry that we had been drugged because it all happened very quickly and we both felt it within the same minute. Although I don’t drink much, I have never in my life felt so sick from any amount of drinking, let alone one drink. I decided we needed to try to get back to the hotel before things got worse so we were at least somewhere safe if we were in fact drugged. We had to walk slowly though and it felt like it took ten times longer than it had the way there. We stopped a few times to catch our breath on the beach. I was very relieved when we finally made it back safely to the hotel. We sat out by the pool for a little while to stay in the fresh outside air.

I don’t know what happened to us after dinner. I don’t know if it was just a really strong shot, if there was something else mixed in, or if just the combination of the heat with dehydration and the alcohol was what did it, but I do know that it was scary and not at all worth it. Turns out in some situations being polite is totally overrated. It’s not always a good idea to drink in foreign countries.

We rested and hung out for a little while and eventually started to feel normal again. We decided to go out once more to get some fresh air and we felt like walking around would be good after what had happened, especially since that was our original plan for the night before the shot incident. So we walked down the promenade and looked at different shops and restaurants.


And we got some popsicles because, even though it was late at night, it was still so hot outside! We enjoyed looking at the water and taking in the beautiful scenery.


We got back to the hotel and saw that a band was playing music out by the pool. It was a great way end to the night, being able to sit and listen for a few moments, before heading to bed.

IMG_4161 IMG_4160

Although we had a long day and both felt exhausted, neither of us were able to sleep well. It had been quite a day!

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