Heading To The Amazon

Continuing my throwback trip posts from my journey through Ecuador in 2014…

The next day we woke up very early and had breakfast, which was eggs. bacon, toast, and fruit.



We drove to the airport with the same taxi driver and found our group and checked in and everything. Then the hotel owner’s son tapped me on the shoulder and was apparently also going to the Amazon and was on our flight. It was a fun coincidence! It was a bigger plane than I expected. He sat next to us even though his seat was elsewhere so we could get to know each other better. The flight was only about 40 minutes and a little bumpy into Coca. After arriving, we picked up our luggage. They had us go to a room that basically was missing majority of one wall and this is where they carry the luggage over and place it, no moving carousel.

Then we went outside in the rain and found people who work at the next hotel and they put us in little pickup trucks and our bags in the back covered with plastic and the guy sat in the back like in the open part as we drove to the headquarters of the place. There we could change and go to the bathroom and get a snack.


Then we had to walk a little bit and then get into a boat. The boat ride in total was about an hour and a half, but we stopped after an hour for lunch on the side of the river in a village.



It was down pouring. The lunch was a little chicken sandwich, an apple, and juice. We visited a museum there, which was interesting. I was definitely tired and had a hard time focusing because it was already mid-afternoon  and we had started our journey at 7am. We got to hear about the native people in the Amazon and see artifacts from how they lived and still live.




We continued our boat ride, which was relaxing. When we arrived at the next stop, we had to walk through a small break in the foliage to get on land.


We had to walk almost 30-40 minutes through the jungle and of course we kept stopping to look at things because it was incredible. The river and rainforest were very beautiful and exciting.


There were these ants that carry leaves and were cool, but then one got stuck in my sandal and bit me, which hurt a lot. It got all red and swollen quickly, but it was fine that night so I wash’t worried when it got better. We walked through mud and puddles and over wooden boardwalks built by the lodge.


We got to a little hut where there were canoes, and we took a canoe ride for about 15 minutes to get to the hotel itself. The surroundings are something I still can’t get out of my mind because they were so breathtaking.



The hotel was awesome once we arrived! It was very clean, organized, and there were hardly any bugs (amazing considering where we were). We had a cabin, and when we walked in, it was really amazing.



The back wall wasn’t a wall but just a huge screen with a door looking right into the jungle and completely private. The bathroom had a shower against the back wall, which was just made of glass, so when you shower or go in the bathroom you feel lie you’re outside. There were screens all around though with no glass windows so you could hear everything all the time.



Before dinner we took a short canoe ride as the sun set and it got dark very quickly. It was fun to be on the water in the dark. I had only done one other night canoe ride before this which was in Australia a couple years before.


We went to bed soon after dinner because we were already so tired and had to wake up at 5:45 the next morning!

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