Another Day In The Amazon

The next day, we woke up early and went straight on a hike through the jungle with our guide. He was a little older than me, from Quito, and he could speak and understand English well. Our older native guide who grew up in the area and doesn’t speak English at all really.



We took a canoe ride then walked a lot and saw many different things.


We walked through the jungle for a long time and saw tons of insects, frogs, birds, and crazy cool plants. Take a look at some of what we saw:


We stopped at a building they have near the lodge, where we got dropped off from the boat ride originally before having the 40 minute walk towards the hotel. It was nice to take a break and rest. While we stopped, it started to rain very hard so we waited a tiny bit. And then suddenly just as we were thinking of moving on through the rain, a bunch of monkeys started swinging and jumping around the trees nearby!



That was very special and super exciting. We watched them for a while then walked back almost an hour towards the canoe, took that back to the hotel, then went to our room to rest.




That afternoon, we met again at 4pm and got other group members because the first day had just been us. We had a young married couple from the UK, originally from India, they were really fun and nice, and then a lesbian couple from Australia. That night, we did another walk through the jungle with the whole group.




Later that night, we did a canoe ride in the dark to look for caiman and bats. No caiman that night, but it was cool anyway. We saw a caiman earlier in the afternoon so it was okay!


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