Adventures In The Amazon

The next day, we woke up even earlier at 5:30am. We left with a British group of people plus our group and took a short canoe ride and walked 40 minutes to the river. Once we got there, we all got on a big motorized boat, the one we had originally taken from the town where the airport was. The boat ride was long, it was nice to relax and look around at all the scenery. We stopped at this spot but stayed in the boat so we could see parrots. We saw a snake too.



We kept going until we arrived at a village and got off the boat there. We were able to look around at the school, the farming they do, and how they live. It was interesting to see how other people in the world can live and survive with very little to no technology and only basic necessities. They are a very self-reliable village.

Here are some photos of the village and the school:




After taking a look around and our tour, the villagers cooked a small meal for us with traditional food including kasava, tilapia cooked inside a big leaf over a fire, and even cooked larvae.



After our meal, we took the boat back to the lodge, did the 40 minute walk again, and our canoe ride back. During the walk, we stopped for a long time because there were nice birds and lots of toucans!


And as we got closer to the lodge, we saw a big caiman sitting in the water!


After resting a short bit, we went just the two of us to look at the butterfly house. That was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot. I love seeing butterflies fly around and it’s great when they land on you!


After the butterfly house, we went with the group on a canoe ride through the jungle. We definitely had to watch out for branches!



We arrived at this tower that we were able to climb up. It was 43 meters tall!



We could see a lot from up there, it was like a really tall tree house.



We were up there looking for birds and just taking photos and looking at the surroundings for probably almost an hour.



We then climbed down and walked around a little bit in the jungle.


We took the canoe ride back for about 40 minutes then had a break before dinner.





Dinner was nice because we were able to have time to talk with the group and guides about everything we had seen, it was an important time to bond with one another after such unique experiences. After dinner we did a night walk for a half hour in the dark jungle. We looked for frogs and tarantulas and other such things, which wasn’t my favorite activity, but I managed.



After the night walk, we went to sleep because we had another early morning ahead of us!

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